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Rotolabel is a permanent labels manufacturer which specializes in producing labels for plastic parts. We have achieved high scientific knowledge after more than three years of research and development procedures. Thus, our extensive know-how expertise has enabled us to launch our rotomolding labels massively. Our labels can be used in the plastic industry in general. We manufacture a comprehensive range of In-Mold and On-Mold labels which meet the requirements of our customers. We also offer a wide range of colours and effects. Our variety of products also includes adhesives and auxiliaries specific for these manufacturing processes.

In Mold Labels

In-mold is a permanent label system used mainly in the rotational moulding of pieces in which the label is transferred initially inside the mould, later the label joins the material during the oven process.

On Mold Labels

This type of permanent label is placed after the lamination of the product, enabling permanent stable chemical fixation and making possible its application on previously rotomolded Polyolefin.

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